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The Village Windhoek

18 Liliencron Str., Eros, Windhoek


There is more to this dream...

The Village Management Team

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create a unique mixed-use complex, an urban oasis that integrates nature and space with people, offices, restaurants and events.


Chief of The Village

" The Village is a space for people, a space to escape into nature within the city and find your urban oasis. "

Deane Spall


The Village Garden Restaurant Owner

" I'm a passionate foodie with a love for the finer things in life. I absolutely love working with people and being creative runs in my blood. I've been in the hospitality industry for more than 10 years and what I love most about it is that everyday is different. "

Elzaan Otto


Facility Manager

" My role is mainly: managing the technical side of The Village i.e., repairs, maintenance and more ... "

Bennie Van Zijl

The Dream

Wouter Van Zijl & Leon Barnard

The developers, envisioned a complex as a series of interlinking courtyards, where the design oriented as much around the space between the buildings as the buildings themselves.

Wouter Van Zijl & Leon Banard


Trees, Solar Panels, Recycling & more

Honoring the original commitment of the developers to maintain this sanctuary of trees, The Village has continued ensure sound environmental practices. From yearly new tree planting, to installing solar panels which supply the majority of the offices around the complex with energy from the sun.

The Village Windhoek Worm Farms.jpg

As part of this vision, a commitment was made to not cut down a single existing tree during the construction, hence the leafy canopy that graces The Village skyline creating this city escape. As time passed on and the vision of The Village began to evolve, the first restaurant was added in 2008 and for the first time the idea of the space as a social hub began germinating. No longer was the space merely an 8 to 5 enclosed capsule, but outsiders, visitors, friends and family were all welcome and a community started to grow. Presently, the complex boasts 6 unique eateries, boardrooms, the Opera House and much more. As this change has taken place, the complex has developed an atmosphere of its own: becoming less about the buildings and more about the people, a place where communities come together to experience shared joys and meet new communities. And so the idea of the social hub has taken root.

Besides the usual recycling initiatives, The Village Management Company also collects the food waste from the restaurants in the complex and processes this waste in on site composting facilities and worm farms. This waste then becomes the fertiliser which helps maintain the lushness around and so the loop is closed within the complex. The Village is also home to Urban Harvest, a company specialising in urban farming using hydroponics as a growing technique which uses up to 90% less water compared to traditional soil based growing methods. In a desert country, minimal water usage is crucial in ensuring water sustainability. Other water saving techniques on the property include the implementation of soak aways which ensure that when trees are irrigated, water goes directly to the root zones of trees and reduces evaporation and aids with maximum uptake of water by the trees. These soak aways also ensure that excess rain water does not run away, but stays on the property to reduce water needs during winter months. The complex also uses semi-purified water for the irrigation of trees to aid in reducing the demand on the city's potable drinking water.

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