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The Village

Liliencron Street, Eros, Windhoek


Superior About The Village

Online Traffic

20K+, Between likes, visits, searches, followers across multiple profiles.

Foot Traffic

On the low end, 200 people show up in-person to The Village on a daily basis.

Market Traffic

Weekly, on the low end, the Sunday Market attracts at least 150 visitors

Business Partners

20+ businesses in The Village could become your partners / clients

Network Effect

The Village is home to individuals of all business levels from all over the world.

No Direct Competition

Some may be similar, but no two businesses are the same in The Village.


At no extra charge, you can advertise onsite, anyday, on our two boards.

Onsite Listing

Company name & logo board, exclusive to businesses with offices in The Village 

Online Listing

Company name listing &/or contact linking, just like below - for FREE

Public Parking

50+ spots - free, guarded & plenty for your customers to share with the public


A unique selection - perfect for meeting clients & connecting with partners.


Here you call it quits when you've made your day count, forget 07:00 - 17:00

If This Seems Attractive

We Will Get in Touch Via Email

Thank you for your interest in The Village. We will respond by Email as soon as possible.

The Village

Deane, Chief of The Village

An interest list is our way of assessing your business and its alignment with our mission. If your business is suitable, you will be alerted of a vacancy before the general public.

Deane Spall
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